Blog #8: The miracles that could canonized John Henry Newman

Two miracles have been confirmed under the intercession of John Henry Newman who could now be declared a saint in the near future. In 2010, he was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI after his first miracle was confirmed in which he healed a deacon of a disableing spine condition. In the second miracle, a pregnantContinue reading “Blog #8: The miracles that could canonized John Henry Newman”

Blog # 7: Miracles at Lourdes

In Lourdes, France there is a shrine that many pilgrims and tourists visit regularly. The Virgin Mary visited Bernadette Soubirous 18 times encouraging her to “pray and do penance for the conversion of the world”. After the shrine was constructed many who visited were cured of their illnesses. In 1882, a medical bureau was establishedContinue reading “Blog # 7: Miracles at Lourdes”

Blog #6: How a miracle is confirmed and helpful quotes

The article that I read had several quotes and data points that would be great to source in my paper. “For the cure to be considered miraculous, the disease must be serious and impossible (or at least very difficult) to cure by human means and not be in a stage at which it is liableContinue reading “Blog #6: How a miracle is confirmed and helpful quotes”

Blog #5: Process of confirming a miracle and its involvement in canonization

A saint is someone in heaven who can intercede for those still on earth. If two miracles are confirmed as valid by the Church after someone’s death, they can be declared a saint. However, this requirement has only come about recently, during the time of Saint John Paul II. It is speculated that already theContinue reading “Blog #5: Process of confirming a miracle and its involvement in canonization”

Post #4: Further defining a miracle

A miracle is a gift or fruit of the Holy Spirit that is perceived by the senses and does not abide by the order of nature. For example, a miracle can disobey the law of the conservation of matter as in the multiplication of loaves in the New Testament. If a circumstance can be replicatedContinue reading “Post #4: Further defining a miracle”

Post #3: Miracles and Canonization

According to an encyclical written by Saint John Paul II, miracles are investigated and confirmed by the sacred congregation and are a key part in the process of canonization. The sacred congregation is a committee that is led by a cardinal prefect. They are involved in the process of canonizing saints by setting guidlines, thoroughlyContinue reading “Post #3: Miracles and Canonization”

Post # 2: What is a miracle?

I read an article about the definition of a miracle according to the Catholic Church. They defined a miracle as “an extraordinary sensible effect wrought by God that surpasses the power and order of created nature”. The author proceeded to explain her definition by analyzing each part of the definition. First of all, God isContinue reading “Post # 2: What is a miracle?”

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