Blog 17: More on miracle itself of JP II

“According to a 23 April 2013 Catholic News Service (CNS) article by Cindy Wooden that cited news reports from Italian news media agencies, and included remarks by the Pope’s longtime aide, Kraków‘s Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, and Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., a Vatican commission of doctors concluded that a healing (which took place shortly after theContinue reading “Blog 17: More on miracle itself of JP II”

Blog 16: a physican’s role in confirming a miracle

The idea of a saint began when early Christians were persecuted under Roman rule. Their rejection of apostasy and willingness to die for their faith made them martyrs and heroes in the eyes of their fellow Christians. They were called saints and many believed that the saints could ask God for favors to help theContinue reading “Blog 16: a physican’s role in confirming a miracle”

Blog 15: More medical info for jp ii miracle

Below are statistics or facts regarding aneurysms: Women are more likely than men to have an aneurysm (a 3:2 ratio). A hemorrhage may be fatal or result in devastating neurological outcomes. There 500,000 deaths per year due to aneurysms. Half of those who die are younger than 50. A ruptured brain aneurysm is fatal inContinue reading “Blog 15: More medical info for jp ii miracle”

Blog 14: JPII miracle cont/brain aneurysm info

What is a brian aneurysm? A brain aneurysm is an enlarged blood vessel in the brain that can either or leak or rupture and cause serious damage. Symptoms include sudden intense headaches, vomiting, stiff neck, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, seizures, drooping eyelids, loss of consciousness and confusion. The causes for aneurysms are unknown, however,Continue reading “Blog 14: JPII miracle cont/brain aneurysm info”

Blog 13: Miracles of JpII

I chose to investigate the second miracle interceded for by John Paul II that aided in his canonization process. Floribeth Mora Diaz, a mother of four, suffered a brain aneurysm in April, 2011. The doctors told her that they could not operate on her and she had approximately one month to live. Floribeth prayed toContinue reading “Blog 13: Miracles of JpII”

Blog 12: Who was Fulton Sheen?

Fulton Sheen was born on May 8th, 1895 and died on December 9th, 1979 shortly after undergoing open heart surgery. He was a priest who evangelized on a television series called Life is Worth Living where he spoke about faith and criticized communism. He also wrote several books including Ways to Inner Peace, The PowerContinue reading “Blog 12: Who was Fulton Sheen?”

Blog 11: Who was Don Alvaro?

Don Alvaro was the Prelate of Opus Dei. Opus Dei is an organization in the Catholic Church founded by Saint Josemaria Escriva who advocates that everyone can attain sanctity in their daily lives. Opus Dei is a personal prelature meaning that it is a group within the Church that has more flexibility and freedom toContinue reading “Blog 11: Who was Don Alvaro?”

Blog 10: Who was St. John Paul II?

Saint John Paul II was a polish priest who served as pope for about twenty-six years (1978-2005). He was a young and dynamic pope who travelled all over the world to spread the demonstrate his support for the universal church. He wrote many encyclicals to clarify Catholic teachings and helped correctly interpret the decisions madeContinue reading “Blog 10: Who was St. John Paul II?”

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